The Obama Tax Cut

The Obama Tax Cut – How does it fit your budget? Click the link and fill out the form. See how it will work for you. I found out that… Read more »

Choosing Senator Biden

It was when Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential Running Mate that I started to pay attention to Barack Obama. He could have chosen Hillary. It would… Read more »

Vote Early

We all know how hard it is to get everything accomplished during the course of a normal day, let alone the day that we elect our President. That is why… Read more »

Well Said!

If you haven’t heard Colin Powell’s endorsement from Meet the Press, you should take a moment and listen for yourself.

Who Is The Real Obama?

It’s been really crazy here for me these past few weeks. There’s a lot of campaigning in my life recently. In addition to the national election, to the local elections…they’ve… Read more »