Choosing Senator Biden

It was when Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential Running Mate that I started to pay attention to Barack Obama. He could have chosen Hillary. It would have been an easy pick. 30 million votes would have been easier to get. But when he chose Joe Biden, I knew that for Senator Obama, it wasn’t about winning the election, it was about doing right for our country.

I have been a long admirer of Senator Biden. I knew of him and his work years ago from my time in the state of Delaware. He would have been my Presidential Nominee pick if he hadn’t of dropped out before my state voted. Senator Biden is a man of intelligence and integrity. He will stand with Senator Obama and he will guide him well. He will be a good Vice President. He was a very smart pick. Senator Obama is a very smart man.

Here is only part of the reasons that I admire Senator Biden. Take a look for yourself.