Let’s Talk About The Press

A story broke the other day that was rather small, but not surprising. While covering a rally in Clearwater Florida, the press were given strict instructions to remain in the press booth during the Governor Palin rally. When any attempt was made by the press to leave the press area and interview the audience, they were immediately approached by someone from Palin’s crew and told to either get back into the Press area or be escorted off of the premises.

That seems to be the standard protocol when it comes to Governor Sarah Palin. She is kept under glass in order to protect her from the terrible press.Well I have just one thing to say:

If Sarah Palin won’t be interviewed under the same criteria as all of the other candidates, then don’t report on her.

Why does the press even show up at her rally’s if they know that their hands are going to be tied? While I have seen a little bit more gutsy reporting from the media, I haven’t seen them really stand up and object to the reins that the Republican party has tied to them.

You, as the press, have the power to change all of that. The candidates need the media to get their message out. If you do not report on what they are doing, then they will not be heard by the general populous.

So keep that in mind the next time you are called to cover one of her events. All should be fair in the political arena. It’s time you take off your gloves and start fighting back.