The naked truth about the battle for Cap-N-Trade.

Quite often, I find the interviews of Jon Stewart to be the most real on national television. At least, he usually asks the questions that I would ask myself.

As much as I am always in support of moving beyond legislation, we can’t ignore the fact that we need it. Legislation creates a base line for us to measure ourselves with and creates incentives for others who wouldn’t normally do anything if it wasn’t there.

If you watched Jon’s show in it’s entirety, you saw his depiction of the good intentions that the Waxman/Markey Energy Bill came in with and what happened to it when it ran the gauntlet of the United States House of Representatives. It’s almost shameful. We might have a Democratic Congress…but it sure reeks of the Bush Era when it comes to climate policy.

Do we give up? Do we say, “It now offers so little, why bother?” Well, very soon it will come up again in the U.S. Senate. We should be sharpening our swords and getting ready for battle, because we should not give up. Each step of the way is just that…a step. Very much like what happened to the Medicare overhaul a few years back, we need to continually work at it to make it better and not accept whatever comes through the Senate as “that’s all we are going to get.”

The argument for Climate Change has never been stronger. The support for Climate change has never been greater. The need for Climate Change has never been more apparent. The opportunity is there for everyone. We have in place the people that can help us in our mission to do something. We need to keep up the pressure on our government and not let anyone – local, state, or federal – think that they can take a pass.

While a good portion of the show made me laugh at the naked truth of the issue, I feel that this portion is the only one I should post. For the entire show, you can go to: The Jon Stewart Show

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  1. Susan Nilon

    Thank You.The bill will be coming up in the Senate soon. We must take the time to urge our Senators to work on this bill that has come over from the House and make it better.

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