President Obama, We Are Watching!

President Obama’s speech to Congress showed that he gets it in regard to the environment and the economy: solving global warming is not not only critical for our environment, but also to help dig ourselves out of the economic hole that we have dug ourselves into.

The University of Massachusetts research shows that investment in clean energy creates 3-4 times more jobs than coal or oil. More importantly, the impacts of global warming, including more destructive wildfires and hurricanes as well as more severe water shortages, are already causing a significant drag on our economy that will only get worse if global warming pollution continues unchecked.

I urge President Obama to fully rise to the challenge of global warming by leading the effort to cut global warming pollution to science-based levels. Given the latest science and the assessments of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to minimize the risk of global warming the U.S. must cut domestic emissions from fossil fuel combustion by at least 20-25% by 2020.

For our environment and our economy, I urge President Obama to continue to provide the leadership America needs to solve global warming.

6 comments on “President Obama, We Are Watching!

  1. Marcel F. Williams

    My point is that, most of the rest of the world realizes what we need to do to stop global warming. A majority of Republicans, Independence, and a plurality of Democrats also know what we need to do to stop global warming. But only a large and vocal– minority– of Democrats and “environmentalist” believe that the rest of the world is wrong and that we must totally reject nuclear power.The extreme left can be just as dangerous as the extreme right, IMO. And they’re clearly proving that with their extremely hostile views on nuclear energy.Marcel F. Williams

  2. snilon

    What are you trying to say???Those same countries were real quick to develop the need for fossil fuels during the turn of the century. If experience shows us anything, even a herd of cattle will follow the leader off of a cliff.

  3. Marcel F. Williams

    The rest of the world, China, India, Russia, Europe, Japan, and South Korea are rapidly going nuclear. However, many of these nations do seem to be willing to manufacture wind turbines for us since they already dominate that industry.

  4. snilon

    I agree that Obama, along with Biden were pro-nuclear during the campaign. I even attended a town hall where Biden talked about “Clean Coal”. Biden’s rational was that China will provide the biggest carbon footprint with the processing of coal and that if we don’t develop better ways to use coal and introduce it to China, then we won’t be able to change China’s course of direction. Personally, I believe that each candidate learned to use certain “buzz words” that made the constituents happy during the election. But what do they really know. As compelling as your argument is, they are many opponents of nuclear who have just as compelling aregument for renewable energy. The question is, who do they believe to be the authority when it comes to Global Warming.While I was never happy with the mention of “Clean Coal”, I was appeased with the fact that they we at least acknowledging that the is a problem and we need to implement soulutions now. So now that we are in agreement that we have to do something about the climate problem, it’s up to us to teach them what needs to be done and then show them how it needs to be done. We all need to assure them that “baby steps” are not prudent when it comes to solving the melting ice caps.Once again, you are right when it comes to France and the Carbon Footprint, but I still feel that nuclear puts a band-aid on the problem. I guess it all comes down to who gives a better argument. So you better sharpen your pencils, they at least seem to be listening.

  5. Marcel F. Williams

    Unfortunately, you can’t stop climate change and global sea rise without nuclear power. And there was no mention of nuclear power by Obama last night– even though he was the most pro-nuclear candidate during the Democratic primary and comes from the state with the highest percentage of nuclear electricity production (Illinois) and the town (Chicago) where nuclear power was invented. And I didn’t like his mention of ‘Clean Coal’. There is no such thing as clean coal. France has the lowest carbon footprint of all nations in Europe thanks to the fact that they produce nearly 80% of their electric energy through nuclear power. Germany attempted to fight climate change through more emphasis on renewable energy and has ended up importing nuclear electricity from France. Marcel F. Williams

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