Coal is dirty! It’s time to tell our Government to come clean!.


In just over a week, Americans will come together to stand up to the grim lies that the coal industries have been telling us for decades. Our Government needs to wake up to the realization that coal will never be clean. It’s time to start demanding that they live up to the promise that change has come to Washington. Tell your congressman to look out the windows of their offices in D.C. and realize that they are a part of the largest contributor of Global Warming. If anything is “shameful”, that is.


2 comments on “Coal is dirty! It’s time to tell our Government to come clean!.

  1. snilon

    I’m with you on everything except the nuclear. You still haven’t shown me anything new on nuclear…other than it’s better than coal. But once we take coal out of the picture, Nuclear becomes the villian.

  2. Marcel F. Williams

    1. A coal power plant produces 100 times more radioactive waste than an equivalently powered nuclear power plant. 2. Coal power plants put more background radiation into the environment than nuclear power plants. 3. It is estimated that coal kills more than 30,000 people in the US annually and 170,000 people world wide. 4. Not only doe coal power plants produce greenhouse gases the are causing climate change and global sea rise but coal mines fires also produce a substantial amount of CO2 and methane gas. In response to a fog induced cold snap in London back in December of 1952, the people of London began to burn a lot more coal. This resulted in polluted air being trapped by an inversion layer formed by the dense mass of cold air. The ‘Great Smog’ initially killed some 4000 people with an additional 8000 dieing several months later.Coal helped fuel the second industrial revolution. But nuclear and renewable energy needs to fuel the Third Industrial Revolution.Marcel

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