We are looking for volunteers to help clean up the beaches.

Remember when Katrina hit and everyday you turned on the television and you wondered about how you could help?  Well, here it is again…a disaster of economic proportions and we need your help RIGHT NOW.

Here are a list of organizations that need the kind of help you can give.  They need your help in cleaning up the beaches and helping the animals.  PLEASE take a moment and see where you can help.  If you are not able to drive up to the Panhandle or Louisiana, then you can help here to get ready for what is to come.

Florida:   http://www.volunteerfloridadisaster.org/
Louisiana:  .www.volunteerlouisana.gov
Mississippi: www.volunteermississippi.org

Oil Spill Volunteers Clearing house

Animal Clean-Up After Oil Spill: A Lengthy Process

“As Gulf oil spill wildlife cleanup efforts begin, experts are concerned over the projected scope of the damage. Volunteers must undergo hazardous waste operations training before they can work with oil-affected animals. The cleanup process requires at least seven steps before animals are released back into the wild.

When it comes to organizing efforts to rescue wildlife affected by oil spills like the one in the Gulf of Mexico that made landfall in Louisiana late Thursday, timing is everything. Training is essential for volunteers, who could themselves suffer health problems if they should come into contact with the oil.

“The public can’t just go out and pick up oiled wildlife,” Nils Warnock, field operations specialist at the California Oiled Wildlife Care Network, managed by the University of California at Davis, explained to Discovery News.

He added that an emergency phone number (866-557-1401) has been established where people can report animals affected by the oil spill. The public is encouraged to have ready the number and type of animals, the date and time they were seen, their location and any observations about the animals’ behavior.” -By Jennifer Viegas

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