It’s a very long weekend in the Florida Legislature

This weekend the Florida House and the Senate are reportedly working over time to balance the budget and put forth a large amount of work that they held off until the bitter end. From drilling for oil off the coast, to an elusive energy bill, the House is walking a crooked path. The Senate is just one step ahead with their energy bill, but has yet to form an opinion on off-shore drilling.

In addition to that, both the House and the Senate are considering a bill that would make it much harder for the poor, the young, and the elderly to vote by making the identification requirements harder than they are now.

The fact that most of the legislation was introduced so late in the session is the most troubling to me. There was no time to prepare, investigate, or raise an objection. It’s like tearing a tree down on a Friday night without a permit and then begging for forgiveness Monday morning. Is this what we want out of our Representatives? Do they really represent us? Or are they behaving like they know what’s best for us?

My weekend is filled with preparing to go back to Tallahassee to see what can be done during the last scheduled week of the session. With me goes a group of elected delegates who are offering their support for renewable energy and the environment. Mayors and city officials who feel differently than the House and the Senate.

We need to take a hard look at who we chose to represent us and make sure that we are truly being represented.

Happy weekend everybody!