Where is the country headed?

Pres. Obama reconfirmed his direction and placing a valuable importance on renewable energy. I am with him all the way with the exception of what is being called “clean coal”. All I can say is, “what does he know that I don’t?” So far, very few have stepped up and even mentioned clean coal as a viable option. In fact, I have only heard it referenced in a positive light during the election process and something to consider. But for everything I know about coal. There is and never will be anything “Clean” about it.

When President Obama asked if he will seek re-election in 2012, he responded “If I could get done what I think needs to get done in four years, even if it meant that I was only president for four years, I would rather be a good president — to take on the tough issues for four years — than a mediocre president for eight years,” Obama said. Personally I think it’s a stupid question, but I liked his answer.

You can view parts of his speech below. I would be curious what your comments are.