Action Alert for Renewable Energy in Florida

Two big things going on this week in Florida Politics.

First: there s a strong push to have the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard(RPS) introduced on the floor of both the House and Senate. Certain Utilities are pushing to have nuclear included in the RPS. But many are opposed to it, saying that it doesn’t belong in the RPS because will create an unfair advantage, not only to renewable energy like wind and solar, but it will also make it harder for the smaller utility companies to compete (i.e. the money will go to the two big ones and quash out all of the little guys)

So the many of the environmental groups are asking you to call SOH Rep. Cretul and ask him to support RPS without including Nuclear (HB 1317). You can call him at:(850) 488-1450

Second: President Obama had been a strong supporter of renewable energy and has included it in the budget. He needs not only your support, but the support of Senator Bill Nelson who is considered a swing vote. Please call Senator Nelson and ask him to support renewable energy in the budget. You can reach him at: (202) 224-5274