Hey, Merrill Lynch – Give It Back!

It’s not often that I deviate from the environment when it comes to this blog, but sometimes I feel that I need to say something, no matter what the topic.

I just read that the executives from Merrill Lynch got to enjoy our beautiful sun and fun in the wonderful world of Orlando. That’s after they received the big bail out and after they paid themselves a very big bonus for such a job well done. I mean after all, it takes a lot of hard work to screw people over on such an enormous scale. Why not reward yourselves with a little time off to relax and forget about things. I mean after all, you deserve it. And so do we! We deserve to sit by and watch the banks piss our money away like that, because we do nothing but bend over and say “why don’t you ever tell me you love me??”

How many times does it take for the co-dependency of America to continually take it on the chin before we say “enough”? I watched the news this morning, scenes from the “grilling” that the bankers got before our congress. I felt bad for them as they had to sit there and endure the finger shaking and the “tisk, tisk” that they received from members of congress. But like any co-dependent, congress still ended up saying, “as long as you promise not to do it again, we will give you the money.”

I just have one question: “Why didn’t anyone ask for the money back????” Is there any reason that we cannot demand that the bonuses be taken back? Do you think that they spent them already? What did they do, purchase another plane, or a fleet of cars? Come on people, ASK FOR IT BACK! Tell them that our anger goes beyond finger waving and demand that the money be returned. They were given out as bonuses. It’s free money. They can give it back. Unless there is another reason that our congress doesn’t ask for it back.

I have two family members that spent over 30 years working for Merrill Lynch. They retired from that company on the money that they saved from their hard work and dedication to that company. Like many, many others, they got to watch their retirement tank in front of their eyes. Now, in their 60’s, they are wondering how they will be able to keep things going.

I have watched, over the years, the public let the leaders of this country handle the problems of this country. I hear a lot of blaming and I see a lot of finger pointing when it comes to things that go wrong, but I never see anyone stand up and do something about it themselves. Why isn’t there more of a public outcry over the debacle of the first bailout? I want more than our President to put a cap on CEO’s salaries. I want that money back that were given out as bonuses. Take that money and put it towards all of the programs that our illustrious congress cut out of the newest bailout. Give it to the states so they can feed their poor and offer them medial insurance. Then they can keep the fireman and the police on staff, and not have to lay off teachers. Because if you think cutting out the states from the bailout will help reduce the deficit, think again. Those people that will be laid off will go on unemployment and have to use Medicaid for their medical needs. More people will go into foreclosure, the housing market will never get better. The children who will not get the help they need in school will also be dependent on state programs that are not there and the cycle will continue.

I want to hear the words, “GIVE IT BACK”, not “shame on you.” I want all of the executives and any other recipients of company bonuses for the past two years to get out their check books and write that check so they can GIVE IT BACK.