Biggest Ever Civil Disobedience on Climate at Congressional Power Plant

We look to our chosen leaders to actually “walk the walk” when it comes to their campaign promises. We also look to them to be aware of the changing climate (no pun intended) when it comes to knowing what the public is expecting of them. Senator Byrd and Senator McConnell have been in office for a very long time. I question how in touch they are with the world around them. The coal ash spill of Harriman, Tennesse should have been enough of a wake up call for them. And if not for them, then what about the rest of Congress? They should be ashamed to support the Capitol Power Plant. It has become a mockery of everything that science and our history has shown us.

Their efforts to continue to fight the change that we, the American people, need is an example of why we need to take another look at who we keep putting in office.
About Climate change
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