Is Sarasota Ready for a 4th Go-around to Support an Elected Mayor?

Under the name of “Revised Charter Caucus,” people such as Linda Holland (Chair) and Diana Hamilton are holding meetings at The Hub to work with a group of city dwellers to that support having an Elected Mayor in the City.   Their main purpose is to change the current government structure, remove the position of City Manager, and have an Elected Mayor with Five Single Member District Commissioners.  

They have chosen to bypass the Charter Review Board and take it directly to the people.  Their hope is to start a petition drive next month to get their version of City Government on the ballot this fall.  

For those of you who follow Sarasota politics, this will be the fourth time people have tried to change the city charter to support an elected mayor.  The difference this time is this group is not just amending the current charter, but re-writing it all together.

To see what it is that they propose, click on the link  to see the full document.    Complete Charter Document – Copy

To compare it to what we have in place now – check out our current form of government here:  City of Sarasota Charter

Stay tuned, there is more to come.