Historic Political Decision on the Way

July 14, 2017 Susan Nilon 0

Our political future is now in the hands of nine Supreme Court Justices. What was a watershed moment for Wisconsin could now be a watershed moment for the nation. We hold our breath. If the ruling favors the voters and not the politicians who draw the district lines, Florida’s Fair Districts will finally have the weight behind it that it needs to redefine Florida to look like its voters and not some politician’s dream.

The Bias of a Judge

February 4, 2017 Susan Nilon 0

Reprinted from the SRQ Daily  Alexander Hamilton wrote: “The interpretation of the laws is the proper and peculiar province of the courts. A constitution is, […]

Silent Protest, 1968 Olympics

Silent Protests

September 11, 2016 Susan Nilon 0

Reprinted from the SRQ Daily 09/10/16 Silent Protests – Next month marks the 48th anniversary of the 1968 Olympics when two US Olympians received their medals […]

Florida Sunshine Coalition

Another Attempt To Weaken Access To Public Records

January 22, 2016 Susan Nilon 0

In what appears to be an effort to substantially weaken Florida’s public records law and make it more difficult for citizens to gain access to public records, Representative Greg Steube has introduced HB 1021 and Senator Rene Garcia has introduced SB 1220. These bills will amend Florida Statute §119.12 to make the award of attorney’s fees discretionary even when a judge has made a finding that a public agency has wrongfully withheld public records from inspection.

The Human Condition

January 15, 2016 Susan Nilon 0

On December 21, during the Longest Night, the Salvation Army honored our homeless citizens that died this past year. That list numbered 57 people—the largest […]