Mark your calendars – Sarasota Power Rally at City Hall


 A town hall has been scheduled on June 16th, 2010 Sarasota City Hall 2pm – 5pm

What:  FPL Franchise Agreement is up for renewal!

The city’s 30 year franchise agreement with Florida Power and Light is expiring May 28, 2010.  Our City Commission is evaluating what options the City has for alternatives to the agreement or renewing with FPL.  The City has employed expert legal counsel and based on Monday evening’s City Commission meeting, seem to be asking all of the right questions and are prepared to do the hard work of researching the best options available for the benefit of the citizens rather than laying down and accepting whatever the investor owned utility puts forth.  The City Commission voted to pass THEIR version of an agreement and not FPL’s.   They need the support of citizens. 
Where:  Sarasota City Hall (Commission Chambers), 1565 First Street, Sarasota
When: Monday, June 7, 2010 5:00pm (Commission Meeting 6pm – 9:30pm)
What you should know about why the City Commission is considering a Municipal Utility -
1. Governed by local residents, a community-owned utility is owned by the municipality it serves. Service, rather than profit, is the bottom line.
2. The goal of a municipal utility is to be the low-cost provider of electric service.  Efficiency is to our advantage.
3. Decisions about the operation of a municipal utility are made by members of the community at open, public meetings. Owning a municipal utility means that customers’ energy dollars stay in the community – Creating jobs in SARASOTA.
4. Municipal utilities serve as an engine for economic development.  They make significant payments-in-lieu-of-taxes to the city. Their rates are competitive. Competitive rates mean more dollars are available to spend on other goods and services, which boosts the local economy.  
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